Beauty, where it started




Are the flowers that grow in this land,
Inspired legends and origins of countless luxury families.
Is a romantic halo pervading the sky,
It gave birth to countless well-known classic literary masterpieces.
It is the time precipitation of the ingenuity of a block of stone bricks,
Let the Champs Elysées become the endorsement of the fashion palace.



It is the ultimate pursuit of life in the bones,
Let everything about beauty be born from here,
And what makes them more proud is - themselves,
It is the creator who rules all this beauty.
The starting point of beauty starts here.
Like Dior and Chanel,
The same is true for GEMCORÉ.

Precipitation, time can be seen



Monet, won't know:
His water lilies will be sought after by the world,
Even the valuation has repeatedly exceeded.
Picasso, will not care:
Applause from the crowd
Is it warmer than the sun in Cannes.
Hugo, will not give up:
50 years as a day
The romantic story of writing a love letter to Juliet.
Like a world famous craftsman
For the persistent persistence of fine art carving,
Divide every cent in the border of the beautiful empire,
Precipitate with ingenuity.

Brand Story


Perhaps the delicate flowers and leaves on the corner of the left bank are a response to impartial sunlight.
Perhaps the natural fashion temperament of French street girls is derived from the unique aesthetic of every detail.

Perhaps the inner richness and elegance of women cannot be separated from the broad-mindedness and taste.
Girls who are often immersed in the artistic vision are not unbeautiful.
Girls who love opera naturally understand the praise of life.

GEMCORÉ understands women's needs for the continuous advancement of beauty, and uses the taste of the French country to tap the minds of more women.

With de-localized global cutting-edge technology, French aesthetics, self-discipline and style, every woman is extravagantly pampered.
Appreciate the more ingenious and refined,
Take on more beautiful missions.

link more people with beauty,
advocating the concept of "light luxury style, artistic feelings, cutting-edge technology",
using the eyes of the world to care for your beauty!

Wisdom, let beauty come from the heart





The beauty of women is diverse.



Because of a pair of eyes, the world fell for her,
She is Sophie Marceau.
And what we see is behind this beauty,
It's her attitude to embrace change.
Because I'm not willing to stay the same,
The award of the superstar has favored her time and time again.
She is Adjani.
And only we can see behind this beautiful face,
It is her lovely disposition that is willing to constantly explore new things.
In the hearts of French women,
Self-discipline is the foundation for establishing an elegant life.
Like a woman on the screen,
The pursuit of individuality and confidence,
Even habits are rooted in the mind of every French woman.
In pursuit of quality, what some people see is picky,
But only in the eyes of people who truly understand beauty,
This is an unfinished business,
It is also a little secret to keep women youthful forever.
Committed to sweeping this female attitude towards beauty across the world,
Enlighten more women's minds about beauty,
Open your own unique way of French beauty.

Talent philosophy of GEMCORE

Selection criteria: The perfect combination of a poet and a farmer, possessing courage, imagination, creativity, and a practical spirit.

Employment criteria: Set goals, pursue the process, and deliver results. Development criteria: Employees are the company's assets, and our responsibility is to help them grow in value.

Retention criteria: Treat good people well and hold accountable those who are not.

Brand Chapter

GEMCORE, a luxury anti-aging brand, focuses on the research of eye skincare. With a genuine concern for the needs of the skin, we strictly adhere to the brand's essence of "rigor, science, art, philosophy, and femininity." We uphold the development philosophy of "the power of ultimate beauty, prioritizing technology, and serving beauty through science." By embracing the discipline and style of French aesthetics, GEMCORE ensures to always stay at the forefront of beauty trends.

Brand Positioning

A luxury anti-aging brand - Expert in eye rejuvenation

Brand Identity













GEMCORE, where "gem" represents the brilliance and leading position of the brand, just like a dazzling gem. It also symbolizes the product's smoothness and luster, resembling precious jewelry. "Core" signifies both the heart of a gem and the presence of core technology, with a pronunciation similar to "cor". "Jia" has the connotation of identity, as seen in "coronet" used by noble ladies, symbolizing nobility and elegance. "Kou" refers to a plant, reflecting the use of natural ingredients in the products, free from irritation and burden, enabling eternal youth and enduring beauty.

Brand Logo: The logo of GEMCORE represents Grace, Gaiety, Genuine, Gratitude, Greatness and GEMCORÉ itself. It consists of a modified combination of two "G" letters and a circular shape representing the Earth. This symbolizes the dream of becoming a global leader in the luxury brand industry, which was imbued during the brand's inception.

Product Responsibility

GEMCORE conducts safety testing on its products using in vitro experiments, such as human skin models, and evaluates them based on skin tolerance through dermatological and ophthalmological controls. Each GEMCORE formula undergoes rigorous quality and safety controls, passing the test of safety assessments during production. The team consistently engages in self-checks, extensive research, and stringent product testing to ensure all products meet high standards of quality.

Vision of GEMCORE

To become a healthier and more sustainable enterprise.

Mission of GEMCORE

To provide customers, employees, shareholders, and business partners with opportunities to create and achieve their dreams. Excellent business performance Outstanding corporate employer Responsible corporate citizen

Enterprise Introduction

GEMCORE (France) International Corporation, which includes GEMCORE (Shanghai) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and GEMCORE (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd., is the owner of the GEMCORE brand trademark. The company upholds a strategic partnership with top global suppliers, ensuring its products are supported by cutting-edge research and technology as well as exceptional raw materials. With strict adherence to local laws and regulations in multiple countries worldwide, the company operates with a sense of reverence and achieves healthy and steady development through advanced marketing concepts and insights into consumers and the market.

Values of GEMCORE

Persist in striving

We are a dream-driven company, filled with strong determination; Always maintain an entrepreneurial mindset; only the bold can survive, and only the persistent can succeed; Devote ourselves fully to creating value, accurately assessing value, and fairly distributing value.

Customer first

Empower and achieve customers, harnessing the power of teamwork for superior outcomes; From customer to customer, customer satisfaction is the measure of all work; Provide customers with timely, accurate, high-quality, and cost-effective services.

Uphold one's duty

One's duty requires self-accountability rather than blaming others. When problems arise, one should first seek responsibility within oneself; One's duty sets the standard for cooperation with others—I won't take advantage of others; One's duty is higher than integrity; even without a commitment, one should still fulfill what should be done.

Pursue excellence

The pursuit of excellence is an essential attitude of Jia Kou people and the foundation of our success; We have a passion for products and are committed to creating exceptional ones, valuing strong product performance; We uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, continuously scrutinizing, refining, and optimizing our products.


Achieving results is what holds value, and achieving results must be guided by shared values; Start with the end in mind, drive actions with a focus on results, and take responsibility for the outcomes; Avoid making excuses, overcome objective constraints, integrate resources, and deliver the desired results.

Brand Philosophy

Advocating the concept of "subtle luxury, artistic passion, cutting-edge technology," we nurture your beauty with a global perspective.